About The Author

William McCoy

William McCoy is a business man who has, over the past 20+ years been instrumental in driving successes in business as a corporate leader, business owner, and business partner.

He is a successful real estate investor, Telecommunication Consultant, High Speed Network Consultant and Internet Marketer and college instructor. He has amassed, over the years, diverse skill sets which have served him well in whatever area he is being asked to provide solutions.

Having provided his services to companies such as AT&T Network Systems and Cisco System he is uniquely qualified to develop quality solutions, coaching, mentoring and training material and associated delivery systems for Digital Product creation with step-by-step formulas and technologies.

He is a member of the prestigious CISSP Organization and has many professional certifications in internet marketing and data delivery technologies.

William has served his community well and received YMCA recognition for Employee of the Year for work at Lucent Technologies along with Customer Delight Awards from major financial and insurance providers.